We got you! Several times a year, PANN organises a Pre-borrel prior to a PANN event. This is especially for people who are not so familiar with the LGBTQIA+ community yet and would like to meet more people at PANN. The Pre-borrel is hosted by our PANN volunteers, here you get the chance to have a drink and chat with the other attendees before the event. Afterwards, all the drinkers will go to the PANN party together.

Pre-sales for parties start 1 month prior to the party as standard. So if the party takes place on 21 May, pre-sales will start on 21 April via www.pann.nl/tickets.

The walk-in for the PANN events goes in three rounds. The time on your ticket is the time you have to be inside at the latest. We do this to ensure a smooth flow at the scan point, cloakroom and venue. 'Cause nobody likes to wait in line ❤️

All PANN parties are from 18 years of age. Not yet 18? Then you'll have to be patient for a while longer!

PANN 25+ is, as the name says, for everyone aged 25 and above. Not yet 25+? Then unfortunately you won't get in to these parties. No exceptions!

As long as the online presale of a PANN event is not sold out, you can still buy tickets at the door. These tend to be more expensive though, and you need to be on time because gone = gone! Information about door sales will always be shared on our socials prior to the event.

For our ticket sales, we use a ticketing system called Eventix. If you can't find your ticket, please check here for more info on what you can do.

Honey, how old do you think we are? All tickets can be scanned from your phone.

Send an email to kaartverkoop@pann.nl and we will help you as soon as possible.